Manic Depression
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  • Logical Tears "Japanese Lovers" - First album out now
  • Ash Code + Minuit Machine @ Klub
  • Drama of the Spheres "Puzzled View"
  • Avant Garde 94.14 First EP reissue

Logical Tears
Japanese Lovers
Cold Wave / New Wave / Dream Pop

Drama of the Spheres
Puzzled View
Batcave, Industriel et Psychiatrique

Dream For The Fall
Dark Cold Wave

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Two Witches
Dark Cold Wave

Still Patient ?
Retrospective 88·2·99
Dark Cold Wave

Draconian Incubus
Dark Cold Wave

The Legendary Pink Dots
Island Of Jewels
Dark Cold Wave

The Legendary Pink Dots
Four Days
Dark Cold Wave

V/A This Is Gothic Rock
Vol 2
Dark Cold Wave



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