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Post Punk / Darkgaze

Living Temples
Against the Day

Part Time Punks // Narrowed
Post Punk / Wave

Date at Midnight
Reverse Resilience
Post Punk / Goth


Manic Depression webshop is 1164 references among Manic Depression Records, and 90 other worldwide lalels, like Alone Prod, Strobelight, D-monic, Infrastition, Wave Records, Born Bad, Swiss Dark Nights, Pale Music, Str8line, Brouillard Définitif, Other Voices, and many more…

Das Projekt
The Crownless Again Shall be King (Deluxe 2017)
Post Punk / Goth

Kælan Mikla
Kælan Mikla
Post Punk / Goth

Le Cliché
The Product Is You
Post Punk / Goth

Les Chats Noirs
Les Fleurs des Morts
Post Punk / Goth

Box and the Twins
Everywhere I Go Is Silence + We Are Here To Make Mistakes (Live in Hamburg)
Post Punk / Goth

Factice Factory
Lines & Parallels
Post Punk / Goth

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