In Memoria

In Memoria is a band formed in 1994. Originaly Goth Rock - Medieval influenced we've released a 8 tracks tape in 1997.
It turned Goth-Electro in 1998 using drum machine, and more electronic sounds after the singer and drummer left the band.
They released a 4 track CD in 2000.
And release a 10 tracks album in january 2003

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Unexpected Emotional Sequence

Electro - Gothic / CD - 10 tracks
(Manic Depression - MD002)

Your Silence
The Eyes of Time
Then We Die
The Sound of the Ice
Everything (Must End)
The Call

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Electro - Gothic / MCD (no CD-Rom) - 4 tracks
(Manic Depression - MD000 )

Angel (Part I)
Angel (Part II)
The Cold and the Rest

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