Zuruck Placenta

At the beginning they were CAPHARNAÜM, then APOLLONS DEPRESSIFS
During the 80s, the name and line-up changed regularly until 1988 by the name of ZURÜCK PLACENTA.
ZURÜCK PLACENTA's music is a mix of powerfull Cold-wave and dark 80's gothic rock, with some industrial influences, and even Hard-Core...
The band has a strong personnality and a sharp and heavy sound, obvious influences, but well inetrated...
In a Post-Punk attitude (DIY), ZP will release a first demo in 1990, then the self-titled album in 1992, produced by Jean Taxis (Asylum Party, Babel 17, Complot Brünswick, Norma Loy…).
ZP splited in late 1992, leaving behind them a unique and mythical album, which deserves its rank among the weird and cult temple of French Cold-Wave.

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Zuruck Placenta

Cold-Wave / Post Punk / CD - 15 tracks
(Manic Depression - MD008 )

jalousie ennemie
le silence des murs
vaille que vaille
les poupées sanglantes
il se perd
rien n’a changé
200 ABW
la fille de suez
nombril care
le gout de la cendre

hybrid (live)
la loire (live)


2007-10-03 : Zuruck Palcenta reviewed by Mick Mercer !

The famous journalist gives us his feeilings on Zurcuk Placenta's CD ! And it's goodRead the review

2007-02-01 : Release party for Zuruck Placenta

During the "Vague de Froid" party, with Babel 17 and Frustration
live !!

Le Klub, 14 rue Saint Denis 75001 Paris
M° Châtelet - Les Halles

9pm - 8€

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