JOY / DISASTER, currently composed of Nico (vocals / lead guitar), Simon (rhythm guitar / vocals), Soupa (bass / vocals) and Julien (drums) formed in France in 2005.
Since their inception, the group has captured the attention of the press and media with their post-punk revival. Their titles quickly became successful in the underground scene and has been played throughout the world by alternative DJs, which has led to the creation of a number of fan clubs in Chile, Peru, England, and most recently in Lithuania and Argentina.

Over time, J / D has steadily improved its sound personality from powerful punk roots, aggressive guitar riffs and dynamic vocals resonate much more melodic and mature. Depth, low voice with a hint of metallic guitar riffs and stretched providing a sound completely new.
Despite their change of style, fans will surely be pleasantly surprised as the group continues to be active in the field of post-punk.

With their recently released EP (February 2011), "PRIMARY CARE" JOY / DISASTER went to the next level: a melody sophisticated and professional, very emotionally charged.
J / D has played in more than 15 countries (over 300 concerts), sharing the stage with artists such as The Chameleons, Pink Turns Blue, Gene Loves Jezebel, 45 Grave, Cinema Strange, Norma Loy, Frank The Baptist, Paradise Lost, Combichrist, Suicide Commando, Covenant, Front 242, etc. Das Ich. Wave Gotik Treffen (DE), The Night Of The warehouse Festival (BE), Drop Dead Festival (CZ), Castle Party (PL), Moonlight Festival (IT), Graveyeard Fest (Pt) are just some of the festivals, where thousands of people attended the vibrant spectacle delivered by the French quartet. Dynamic performance and charming as it is live that the group comes into its own thanks to its proximity to the public and the presence of Nico, who proves to be a charismatic frontliner.

Distributed from their first album in 2006, Manic Depression Records label with which the group has been under contract, a prelude to collaboration leading to the release of their second album (Paranoia) in January 2007. And continued with the release of "StäygätôW" in January 2010 and last album "SICKNESS" released in February 2012 edition digipack and vinyl.
After a promotional tour of Central Europe last album, JOY / DISASTER had to cancel a number of concerts following the death of the father of one of his group members and the departure of bassist for personal and artistic reasons.

After this forced break, JOY / DISASTER will get back to work during the summer of 2013 to prepare for new titles. They will soon be supervised by a new director and tour agencies Tour Booking (UK & U.S.) with the prospect of recording the band's fifth album released in November 2013.

Two tours are scheduled, the first to be held in October 2013 (England and Scotland) and the second in November 2013 (New York, Los Angeles and Mexico). JOY / DISASTER is already confirmed for editing festivals that take place during the summer and a number of dates are in preparation for the release of this album, but we can not officially announce the dates for privacy reasons.

JOY / DISASTER posted a new title "BROKEN Promiser" in March 2013 and many DJs and radio stations around the world have accepted this as a very positive way. The next album mix one modern rock and melodic tinged post punk influences but also post rock.

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Mü (black edition)

Post Punk/Cold Rock / Digipack-R - 5 tracks

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Mü (white edition)

Post Punk/Cold Rock / Digipack-R - 5 tracks

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Post Punk/Cold Rock / Digipack - 15 tracks
(Manic Depression - MD022 )

Shinning Monday
Twins of Misery
Miss Trust
Kill the Secret
Between Us
It Makes Me Sick
My Loose
When The Others Fade In Silence
Sweetie Monkey
The Town
Vomit Faces

Not available
Primary Care

Post Punk/Cold Rock / MCD - 4 tracks

My Loose
When The Others Fade In Silence
Kill The Secret
Vision 98


2013-04-20 : Joy/Disaster live in Luneville (F)

General Bizarre
My Dark Project

19h30 - 5€
MJC Prevert 1 rue Cosson 54300 Luneville

2013-04-11 : Joy/Disaster live in Nancy (F)

(Punk Dub) - Uk

(Sludge) - Fr

(Post Punk) - Fr

LE TOTEM 174 Rue des Brasseries - Maxéville

20h30 - 5€

2013-03-10 : In bed with Joy/Disaster

Directly from your bed you should watch a live concert in broadcast of the rock band JOY/DISASTER on Nancy Web TV website the March 10th, 2013 at 04:00PM.

2012-05-31 : Joy/Disaster : Coma Electrique radioshow online

accoustic set and more...

2012-06-09 : Joy/Disaster live in Zweibrücken (D)

JOY/DISASTER CD-Release-Konzert
+ La Danse Noire - Party!

20:00 - 5€

Texasstr. 2
66482 Zweibrücken

35km von Saarbrücken
40km von Kaiserslautern
30km von Bitche (France)

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