The history of BA13 begins in November 2008 in a basement where 5 30yo guys (Jeremy Thomas x2, Etienne & Sebastien) give birth to a project they planned since 2005.

The rapid departure of Sebastien (bass) will change the initial deal. One of the Thomas became Tom Bass (ex-Unoblivions, former Splinter in her head) dedicated to the four strings guitar, and Jeremy ensure alone the guitar part. With Etienne on drums and MelodicaTom ranging from keyboards and Melodica, they begin to compose the first songs. "Control" (which will be released on the compilation SADE) marks the start of group identity, a tensed postpunk whose sounds sometimes flirt with cold-wave.

But still lacks a voice ... This is Nash (Mister D. & the Fang, former Wallenberg, former Elvira & the Bats) who - swapping its drums seat for the microphone - will fill that void in May 2009. Her punk singing with nervous phrasing eventually electrify the songs of the band.

What appeared initially to a sham - no member of BA13 is not really at his position - now takes a serious turn with some shows already under his belt, and the release of their first album "Rough Girl" in april 2013.

12 €  Buy Digipack
Rough Girl

Post Punk / Digipack - 12 tracks
(Manic Depression - MD025 )

Father Vater
Zomba 13
Rough Girl
No Friend
Seedy Sphere
I Can't See the Gig
Destruye (Familia Real cover)


2015-09-08 : BA13 live in Paris

Tuesday 08 september 2015

TELEDROME (FDH Records / Hozac / P.Trash)
Folie synth punk // Calgary, CANADA .

BA13 (Manic Depression Records)
Post punk // Paris

POLICE CONTROL (membre de Skategang, Jeanne & Olivier)
Garage punk // Paris

PARIS 11ème

6€ sur place

2014-11-28 : Return to the Batcave Festival (PL)

The Spiritual Bat (IT)
The Last Days Of Jesus (SK)
The Cemetary Girlz (FR)
BA13 (FR)
The Mescaline Babies (IT)
Joanna Makabresku (PL)
Hatestory (PL)

2014-06-20 :

Bestial Mouths (No Wave/Post Punk-USA)

BA13 (Post Punk-FR)


@ Le Klub

2013-09-10 : BA13 live at Le Klub (Paris)

Etrange Musique Festival

Cage Apotheek (

Popoï Sdioh (

B A Treize (

9:30pm - 12 €

Le Klub 14, rue St Denis, 75001 Paris

2013-04-23 : BA13 debut album "Rough Girl" OUT NOW!

Coming from the surburbs of Paris, BA13 basically started as a fake band, in witch no one would play his natural instrument, just a way for five friends to share their large common interest in music...but the project quickly turns into a real space of expression as soon as the first songs were written:
"Control" immediately embodies BA13 identity, a tensed music which claims legacy of the post-punk roots!  
All that remained then to complete the line up was to find the proper voice, so Nash, ex-Wallenberg drummer, was invited to swap her drumsticks for a microphone and joined BA13 as a singer...Her nervous sing-speak vocals provides the final touch to finalize the band’s songs.
From then with a complete line up, BA 13 took any occasion to play their frenetic and punchy gigs all over France and around.
With their debut album « Rough Girl » available on Manic Depression, BA13 asserts its own style through 12 raw-nervous post punk songs !

Next Gig @ Paris (Le Klub) May 7th + Danger + Blue Void

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