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The Legendary Pink Dots



-The Legendary Pink Dots

-Orbit Service

-Seventeen at this Time (Pop Lithurgique-FR)

Le Klub 14, rue Saint Denis, 75004 Paris
Soviet Soviet + Dead


Manic Depression & Le Klub present:

Friday, May 23rd

Soviet Soviet (Post Punk-IT)

Dead (Post Punk/Shoegaze-FR)

+ Manic afterparty untill dawn

Le Klub 14, rue Saint Denis, 75004 Paris
Ain Soph Aur + Drudge (DOTS side project)


Ain Soph Aur (post punk)

Drudge (Drama of the Spheres' Side project / Rock Indus)


No Man's Land
90 avenue de la liberté, 57330 Volmerange-Les-Mines, Lorraine

Facebook Event http://tinyurl.com/qy27rl8
Terminal Gods + Ascetic


Manic depression & Le Klub present:

Friday, May 2nd

Terminal Gods (Goth-UK)

Ascetic (Post Punk-AUS)

+Manic afterparty untill dawn

Le Klub 14, rue Saint Denis, 75004 Paris
Breathing of BOnes, Russian Deathrock!


Manic depression is proud to present "Virtue on the spears, roses to the traitors", debut album by Deathrock band BREATHING OF BONES, from Bryansk, Russia !

Formed in 2007 BREATHING OF BONES takes influences of the deathrock and punk godfathers such as Christian Death, Shadow Project, Burning Image, Kommunity FK, Crass… that fits in with their disgust for "Desperation of Russian provinces, oppression of the authoritarian regime, betrayals and treason, cultural regress of the modern society and inner decline".

A real great piece of aggressive and tortured Deathrock in the style of Shadow Project VS Bloody Dead and Sexy.
Nova & Vetera, first album in vinyl.


This quiet unusual project, Nova Et Vetera was born in 1998 under the impulsion of Mr & Mrs Lamort and their friend Essem. More like an open minded artistic tribe than a band, melting differents disciplines (musicians, sound and light ingeneers, but also costume designer, painter...) and a broad range influences from the 70's Psyche to the doomest goth that makes their music very special and addictive.

After 3 mini albums released between 1999 and 2008, Nova Et Vetera now present their first real album « Dead Waltz » Hypnotic, tribal and cold!
BA13 debut album "Rough Girl" OUT NOW!


Coming from the surburbs of Paris, BA13 basically started as a fake band, in witch no one would play his natural instrument, just a way for five friends to share their large common interest in music...but the project quickly turns into a real space of expression as soon as the first songs were written:
"Control" immediately embodies BA13 identity, a tensed music which claims legacy of the post-punk roots!  
All that remained then to complete the line up was to find the proper voice, so Nash, ex-Wallenberg drummer, was invited to swap her drumsticks for a microphone and joined BA13 as a singer...Her nervous sing-speak vocals provides the final touch to finalize the band’s songs.
From then with a complete line up, BA 13 took any occasion to play their frenetic and punchy gigs all over France and around.
With their debut album « Rough Girl » available on Manic Depression, BA13 asserts its own style through 12 raw-nervous post punk songs !

Next Gig @ Paris (Le Klub) May 7th + Danger + Blue Void
Wallenberg: New album available!


One of the historical founders and godfathers of the "French Cold Wave" genre, formed in 1983, Wallenberg is back today with a brand news album: "Love is Slavery", now available on Manic Depression.

In spite of numerous line up changes during its thirty years long career, Wallenberg now stabilized with singer-founder Hervé, surrounded by guitarist Raphaël Catonné and Nicolas Huet on Bass, managed to reinvent itself, while remaining committed to its strong "dark and nervous dandy" musical aestethic

"an elegant and nervous sound, still marked with this faintnes and this tension which make its trademark" (Emmanuël Hennequin /Obsküre #15)

Wallenberg will celebrate its 30th anniversary as well as its new album release on stage in Paris (le Klub) on may 24th, with the great UK goth band The Last Cry!!

V/A "Bipolar Sounds#2" now available on FREE DOWNLOAD


V/A « Bipolar Sounds#2 »

The second issue of our « Bipolar Sounds » sampler compilation is now available on our website !!
The « Bipolar Sounds#2 » includes 9 titles taken from the next album released / to be release soon on Manic Depression...feel free to download and share, we wish you a good listening !

Download Link :

Tracklist :

1/Gitane Demone « Don't look for comfort »
"The Reflecting Shadow" (MD028/Experimental Dark Cabaret-US)

2/Nova & Vetera « I don't exist »
« "Dead Waltz" (Exclusive distro MD/Tribal Goth-FR)

3/The Cemetary Girlz "Dracula" 
« Opus Vitae" 

4/Breathing of Bones "Ascesis" 

"Virtue On The Spears, Roses To The Traitors"

5/Avant-Garde "Epoque" 

(Post Punk-Darkwave-IT)

6/Joy/Disasrter "Paranoïa"

« J.D » (2006) Digital Reissue 

« Paranoïa » (2007) Digital Reissue

7/Wallenberg "Feast for the Vultures"

"Love Is Slavery" 
(Cold Wave-Post Punk)

8/ Noctule Sorix "Monkey Buisness" 

(Cold Pop)
Gitane Demone: New solo album


Gitane Demone delivers a beautiful introspective album and gives a wide open window to her intimacy. Singing intimate words with a rare and shameless intensity, Ex Christian Death/ Demonix Diva imprints a particular strong ambiance to each song. The tailor-made music and arrangements gives a modern dark cabaret approach in the spirit of the «Dreamhome Hearthache» (with Rozz Williams), with a well balanced industrial touch...


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