2013-01-02 JLManic @ Piano Vache

01-Horror Vacui - Spectral Bliss
02-Christine Plays Viola - Innocent Awareness
03-Sorror Dolorosa - In A Glance
04-Plastique Noir - Emerging Rats
05-The Last Cry - Falling Away
06-Avant-Garde - Epoque (Single Edit)
07-Date At Midnight - Spirit Dance
08-The Mescaline Babies - Black Mass
09-Madre Del Visio - Dr. Phibes
10-Espejos Muertos - El Jardin De Los Suicidas
11-New Days Delay - Zeitschliff Durch Cortexresektion
12-The Dark Shadows - Denial
13-The Cemetary Girlz - Reflection (zoundbies remix)
14-The Exploding Boy - Desperados
15-Eleven Pond - Watching Trees
16-The Snake Corps - ... This Is Seagull
17-Dorcel - Black Human Cells
18-Uni_Form - The Liar
19-Blacklist - Poison For Tomorrow
20-The Wars - Jet Stream
21-Press Gang Metropol - Checkpoint
22-Dr. Arthur Krause - Under Silver Moon
23-The Fields Of The Nephilim - Secrets
24-Love Like Blood - Out Of Sight
25-The Merry Thoughts - We Love To
26-Plastique Noir - Rose Of Flesh And Blood
27-The Mission - Serpents Kiss
28-Voices Of Masada - No More Gods
29-The Chameleons - Second Skin
30-Veil Veil Vanish - Anthem For A Doomed Youth
31-Vendemmian - All Is Lost (All Is Gone)
32-Love Like Blood - Last Evil Emotions
33-Murder At The Registry - Your Pagan Heart
34-Ikon - Echoes Of Silence
35-Principe Valiente - In My Arms
36-Lotus Feed - Drawn Too
37-Red Sun Revival - Forgive Us Now
38-Noctule Sorix - Song
39-Fear Incorporated - Spooked (Fear Of Ghosts)
40-Wallenberg - Taste Of The Death
41-The Smiths - Girl Afraid
42-Pink Turns Blue - Break It
43-Christine Plays Viola - Keep My Scorn Warm (feat. Rosetta Garri ftom The Spiritual Bat)
44-Melting Walkmen - Saviour