2014-12-10 / JL Phonotiks Piano Vache Paris

01-Moth - Obelion Disco
02-Ash Code - Want
03-Velvet Condom - Kalter Lippenstift (In Death It Ends Remix)
04-In Death It Ends - Apparitions
05-M!R!M - Never Trust
06-Moth - Young Future
07-Ascetic: - Uroboros (Up From Eden)
08-Winter Severity Index - The Gift
09-Secret Sight - Under This Truth
10-Crystal Night - Waiting For Something
11-Shadowhouse - Start Again
12-Lotus Feed - Home Of The Watchmen
13-Plastique Noir - Creep Show
14-Sisters Of Mercy - Heartland
15-Fields Of The Nephilim - Laura (Again)
16-Christine Plays Viola - A Lie To Exchange
17-The B.H.D - The Revolution Is On The Way
18-This Grey City - Goodbye
19-Holy Machine - No Man's Land Anthem
20-Uni_Form - Valkyria
21-People Of Nothing - Höax Noise
22-Les Yeux Sans Visage - Acquainted With The Night
23-In Broken English - Hurt Myself